What to Bring, What Not to Bring

These items are allowed at the Austin Reggae Festival: blankets, lawn chairs, tents, one sealed container of water for personal usage, ice chests filled with ice only (but not drinks), leashed and well-behaved dogs.

In addition to the $7.00 entry fee and two cans of food for the Capital Area Food Bank, we also encourage you to bring sunscreen (to protect against the warm weather) and extra cash (to purchase food, drink, plus arts and crafts from the scores of vendors). If you forget these items, there will be an ATM on site -- and sunscreen is sold at the soda booth on the east side of the venue.

These items are definitely NOT allowed at the Austin Reggae Festival: food for personal consumption, drinks, pit bulls and other aggressive dogs, unfriendly attitudes.

I believe if ya'll want to band just a certain type of breed (pit bulls) for being an "aggressive" breed then ya'll should just band dogs from being there period. Because I have a pit bull and she can't even harm a fly.. My collie/lab mix is more aggressive then my pit bull. She is actually the most harmless dog I have ever had.. granted she is very hyperactive but she is a major social butterfly. She loves people and other dogs.. So please don't blame the breed.. Blame the people who made that breed that certain way.. Cause I believe it is unfair to do that to just one certain type of breed when any dog can turn on you.. Even the smallest!
Here is what I don't understand. "What to bring: 'well behaved dogs on leash' What not to bring 'Pit Bull Terriers.'" Okay so if my Pit Bull is a well behaved animal, child, people friendly dog who is on a leash I cannot bring it, but my friend can bring his dog aggressive Cocker Spaniel mix who has biten everyone who has tried to pet her. He would be able to walk in with her as long as no one tried to pet her she would be fine, the minute you reach toward her you could be missing a finger. My pit, wags the tail and licks you in the face. One of the best search and rescue dogs is a Pit Bull. Blame the owner not the breed. Pits are some of the best family pets. If your child decided to pinch or accidently hit my pit too hard, she would not feel it therefore no retaliation. So why is it that my friendly pit cannot go but my friends aggressive cocker mix would make it in? My poodle mix is more aggressive than my pit.
What about warm water for my sons bottles? Can i bring warm water in a thermos?
What happend to it being marley fest, can you still bring marijuana?
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there is no way in hell i will ever go to a marley fest again. the no pit bull rule is ridiculous. i own a pit bull and he's the swetest dog you will ever meet. he has gone to every marley fest for the last 3 years with me and has never caused a problem. you can't blame a breed for the things the owners of these dogs instill on them. i cant believe that austin of all places is pulling this crap. austin is known for being open-minded. well, im sure ive spent well over 1000 dollars at the last 5 marley fests. but not another penny of my money will go towards this event. i am outraged by this. do a little research. you guys are no better than a freakin racist.
It's all been said already but I have to put my two cents in. The phrasing is typical "... pit bulls and other aggressive dogs, unfriendly attitudes." This automatically assumes that all Pit Bulls are aggressive simply by the breed. What moron came up with this rule? Next time how about consulting someone who knows dogs. This is so typical of the downward slide Austin is in. What happened to One Love, Peace and Unity?
Serious question can we bring camelbacks with water?

can we bring camelbacks without water?

can we bring sealed gallons of water?

At ACL fest we can bring empty camelbacks and Sealed 1 gallon jugs of water i hope this is the case with ragu festival as well.

Look forward to a serious response
I am poor, I can't afford your ridiculously overpriced food. I will be out in the sun all day and will get very hungry, but I won't be able to eat since its about $10 for a plate of food.(THE RICH MANS HEAVEN, IS THE POOR MANS HELL) All you sell is crappy beer. Why would I buy a bud lite for $3 when I can buy a Spaten Optimator for $1 at H E B? And to make things worse, What happened to Marley Fest. You don't like Bob anymore?
The policy on Pit Bulls is absolutely out of line..
They can be the friendliest sweetest dogs around!!!
It is not the dogs that are a problem..it is the Bad owners and they are in every breed.
I think this should be about well behaved dogs not certain breeds.
Remember the days when it was free to get into the Bob Marley Fest if you donated 2 cans of food, or it was 5 dollars w/ out food Now the price has been jacked up to 7 dollars a day and only one bottle of water! Can we bring in one gallon sealed??? Is this truly in the spirit of Bob Marley?? I guess not since they don't call it the Marley Fest anymore......
I heard that it's not Bob Marley fest anymore because the Marley family wanted to charge the festival creators for using his name.
What if you have a mixed breed dog? Is there gonna be some kind of game warden on hand to methodically detail what constitutes 'pit bull' and what doesn't? Or just some dude who's working for scales and will be out of work as soon as the fest leaves town? Seven bucks plus canned food? This is a jip, but I guess a fool and his money are quickly parted.
It would be wise, in future fests, to state the prohibition of aggressive dogs. (not specifically singling pit bulls)Your talking about a breed that ranks 3rd by The American Dog Temperence Testing Association in submission toward humans. As a working breed, hostility towards humans has been bred out of the pit bull to make them submissive. Their terrier bloodline shows in their colorful, energetic personalities. My 85lb. pit shows no aggression toward humans or dogs alike. Your biased policy is not something Bob would appreciate.
2006 Austin MARLEY Festival
had a great time yesterday! im sorry you can try to change the name all you want it will always forever be MARLEY fest to all of us! might as well go with that "name recognition" that is already out there if youre really worried about that dollar thang! maybe you perceive some negative drug connotation with the word MARLEY, unbunch your freakin panties and RELAX! Mr MC you know who you are, you were great! Blessings to you for showing your true heart is a good one before the MAN made you take back your words. I know and understand what you HAD to do and we love you! Its okay man! 2 dollars more for admission and a less powerful soundsystem than ever, seems entirely typical im not mad at you. To the MAN making all the dough off this thing, hope it was very profitable for you so youll hold it again! water it down like you do everything else! to close this out all i can say is ROBOT DOG...ROBOT DOG...ROBOT DOG...DID I SAY ROBOT DOG??? HOLLER HOLLER GEORGE RAMSEY!
posted by REDRON
my $1200 maltese was attacked by an unleashed pitt last year. i couldnt be more satisfied with the bann againist them. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER SAID THEY COULDNT COME. they get the name "aggrasive" for a reason. my dog was nearly killed in the mouth of one while tangled up in his own leash. as for the owner- sued for ALL medical expenses AND fined for having the beast off a leash. so, once again- THANK YOU FOR NOT ALLOWING PITTS! my dog will greatly appreciate it. and we'll have a great time!
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Maybe we should just chalk it up as Darwinism and call it a day...? Sorry about your maltese, but it doesnt mean you should judge a whole breed. I think that this was a bad move on the promotors part...
alright, to the person crying about their dog being attcked by an unleashed pit...

Who cares....that still doesn't mean that all pits are bad, and it was supposed to be on a leash. Blame the owner, not the dog. THE OWNER shouldv'e known that their dog should be on a leash, and THE OWNER should not have brought the dog if they knew that it was aggressive towards other dogs. Your no better than the people that came up with that stupid rule. They need to change it. I can see saying no aggressive dogs, but to single out pits is stupid. Chows can be an agressive breed to. And so can rotwielers, dobermans, and any other type of dog. It all depends on how the owner trains and treats it.
And whats with the money thing, i'll never go to marley again...if i could bring some canned food and get in for free i would, but i'm not payin to get in. Don't they make enough money off all the overpriced goods sold there? Screw the Marley fest.
Today is my pitt's birthday. She turned six. All of my friends (10) were going to meet us at the festival and celebrate with here until I checked the website to see something else and found this out. It used to be that the Marley Fest was one of the last cool things about Austin. No wonder you changed the name. I won't blame you, people with their $1200 Malteese's are the one's you want spending money there, not us poor shmucks. What do you think Marley would say? You don't care, right?
There was about 500 pit bulls there. I guess most of the owners don't own computers.
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